khloe lamarKhloe Kardashian might be super-psyched to have just been named co-host of The X Factor, but her whole world could come crashing down around her if there's even a bit of truth to a new report in Star magazine. According to the tabloid -- which, of course, is a tabloid, so let's treat it as such! -- a source close to the situation claims that hubby Lamar Odom’s frustration with "omnipresent" TV cameras brought them to a “boiling point” in September.
And oh yeah, somehow it gets worse! “The only thing Lamar has been sticking around for was a child ... But since Khloe hasn’t been able to get pregnant, he doesn’t see any point in staying in the marriage. He’s done.” Thus, he's actually ready to pull the plug on their three-year marriage and has met with a divorce lawyer. Oh wow.
The source goes on to explain that Lamar "wants to be sure he’s protected because he knows the Kardashians will try to fight for a chunk of his fortune. He’d rather just serve her with papers and be done. As opposed to telling her the truth and having her freak out." Oh geeeeze! As if by going about it the way they've described, she WON'T freak out?! This could be devastating for Khloe ... and the whole Kardashian brood.