Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Kim Kardashian Goes Completely Nude!!

We have seen Kim Kardashian bare her ass and boobs more times than we have seen ours but the photos just released by takes the cake! I have never seen Kim go all out and do a full frontal exposing her vagina and boobs. I wonder how Kanye feels seeing his wife's body exposed for the world to see. I do not care what anybody thinks this is stupid! She has a daughter who will grow up one day and be bullied about her mum's public display. This is not art! How much is your bare ass worth at the end of the day? She's trying to hard too to proof that the ass is hers and not enhanced, okay we have heard and seen. Thank you. To see the photos just continue after the cut...On your Marks...hehehe to the men lol. Photo courtesy:

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Motivational Speaker Dr Myles Munroe Dies In A Plane Crash With Wife Ruth

Leader of  Bahamas Faith Ministry Dr Myles Munroe 60 and his wife Ruth are reported to be amongst the nine people in the Lear 36 Executive jet that crashed in the early hours of this morning. The passengers were on their way to attend the Global Leadership Forum in Freeport being hosted by Munroe's organisation. 
The Lear 36 Jet took off from the Bahamian Capital of Nassau and crashed while attempting to land when it struck a crane at the Bahamas shipyard exploding on impact and crashing to the ground near a junkyard area around 5pm local time in Freeport according to the a statement from Ministry of Transport and Aviation.
Dr Myles is a motivational speaker who is very familiar with Nigerian as he has been to the country many time on the invitation of House on the Rock's Adefarasin or KICC Pastored by Matthew Ashimolowo.
Dr Myles Munroe attended the Oral Roberts University and the University of Tulsa and was Best selling Author of  several books, some of which are: MAXIMIZING YOUR FULL POTENTIALS, THE SPIRIT LEADERSHIP, POWER OF VISION among others. He is survived by two children; daughter Charisa and son Chairo. What GOD has joined together none can truly put asunder. May their souls rest in peace.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Missy Elliot's Shocking Dramatic Weightloss

Missy Elliot the rapper who stole our hearts in the 90's is batting a serious and rare thyroid disease that has seen her lose an incredible 70 pounds! The singer unvieled her svelte frame at the Alexander Wangs fashion collection launch for H&M in New York City. The singer first spoke about this debilitating disease in 2008 when she was first diagnosed. She says the effect of the disease has been so bad that there were times she could not hold her pen and her legs will jump while driving as she could not hold the brakes down! She had mood swings, dizzy spells, weight loss, hand tremor, excessive sweat and hair loss. There is no cure for Graves disease she says but her condition is gradually improving. See one more photo after the cut. We hope she gets better soon.

Bigamist Caught On FaceBook With 4 Wives, 7 Fiancees and 5 Girlfriends!!!

Champion lover Sonko Tijan
Photo and Story from
28 year old Gambian Sonko Tijan (also went with various names like Bojang Tijan and Crang Junior)  has just won the title of bigamist of the year from this blog. Before he was caught he had married 4 wives, 7 fiancees and 5 girlfriends. ( still less than a lot of other Nigerian men, if you ask me) He was finally caught at Vienna airport after 2 of his wives realized they were married to the same man and complained to the Po Po. He seduced women all across the country, using them for room and board and borrowing tens of thousands of Euros off of them whenever he was around which of course he never paid back. He took loans using the jewelry he took from these women and should anyone complain he simply disappears! His exploits came to the fore when he met Sonja Maier who felt she had found true love, at first sight, in a bar! The Gambian agreed a hundred per cent when he said he had fallen in love with her too and the marriage was solemnized a month later.On a certain day one year after, (monkey go market e no return) She was pregnant and browsing through Facebook when she saw someone whose surname was similar to hers and whose husband looked exactly like her husband as well. She at first thought her husband must have a twin or was having an affair. She reached out to the woman and soon a web of intrigue and deceit began to unfold that revealed a network of 15 women from different geographic locations including 3 who were married to him! The women ranged in ages from 22 - 44 and that is not counting the one in his country who has several kids for him too plus many others who were seriously active or used and dumped!  4 children he fathered have been found by the Austrian Police while 2 of his girlfriends are currently pregnant. He regaled the women with tales of war and how he fled from Africa Phew! What a man! I am confused as to what he may have said to them or done to make them feel so special. How did he find the time to juggle? Its a tale found in horror movies! He should be locked up to save other future victims.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Bill Cosby's Sordid Double Life Of Affairs!!!

Bill Cosby may not be the family man his sit com have made us all to believe, as a new tell all book by Mark Whitaker is said to reveal. While starting his career as a stand up comic in the 70's Bill is said to surrendered his life to self indulgence as a free man in Las Vegas where he worked and as a family man in the East Coast where his wife lived he was a model husband. He had a relationship with a tall brunette Shawn Berkes who later accused him of being the father of her daughter though it turned out to be untrue. In 1997 Autumn Jackson was arrested for demanding that Bill pay her $24million over claims she was his love child from Shawn. She was jailed for 26 months. When asked Bill denied knowing her mother very well and claimed he helped pay her tuition and other expenses as he would other children he was helping financially. His wife stood by him through all these saying she did not care about what her husband had done more than 23 years ago.
In 2004, 13 women accused Cosby of  drugging and sexually assaulting them in a civil lawsuit that was settled in 2006 under sealed terms!
 Surprised by Bill Cosby's dark side as I am? will keep you posted on new updates.
Culled from: Radar online

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Oscar Pistorius Not Guilty Of Premeditated Murder!!!

In a stunning development Oscar Pistorius has been declared not guilty of  murdering Reeva Steenkamp! This development was revealed as Judge Masipa read her summation in front of a packed court house and a world wide television audience. The Judge has yet to hand her decision as that will be delivered later today. She said the prosecution failed to show requisite intention to kill the deceased let alone premeditation.
All along the prosecution pressed for cold blooded murder though the Blade Runner has continually said he thought he was protecting them both. Masipa called Pistorius a very poor witness who was evasive in the face of questioning but says that it does not warrant for a guilty verdict.
Her ruling was based on several factors
1.Phone records support Pistorius timeline of events
2. His testimony did not waiver as to what really took place on the night of Reeva's death

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

First Look See Angelina Jolie's Wedding Dress

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt exchanged wedding vows on the 23 August and this was the dress she wore. What a beautiful dress! It is very unlike any wedding dress I have ever seen. Atelier Versace  master tailor Luigui Massi sewed dozens of her children's colorful drawings into the back of the dress. There are flowers, animals and people covering the back and the veil. The wedding took place at the French Estate Chateau Miraval. All six children were present. Happy married life Angie! We Love Love Love The Dress. See the back of the dress and her ring after the cut...

Monday, 1 September 2014

Update On Joan Rivers Health Scare

Doctors have began taking Joan Rivers out of her induced coma on Sunday Aug 31. She was rushed into the hospital after she stopped breathing during a throat procedure. The waking up process which started on Sunday will last till today Tuesday Sept 2. The real concern however is the fear that the motor skills may have been compromised, leaving her either in a vegetative state or in a wheel chair.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Joan Rivers Host Of Fashion Police Is In A Coma!

The host of Fashion Police Joan Rivers has been placed on a medically induced coma on Thursday after suffering a cardiac arrest during a routine Endoscopy. She was initially listed as critical in a New York hospital but her status has been upgraded. They were putting a scope down the 81 year old comedienne's throat to check her vocal cords when she stopped breathing. New York Police confirm that there was a 911 call at 9.40am New York time reporting a cardiac and respiratory arrest. Her daughter Melissa and son Cooper are by her bedside. Here is wishing this queen of comedy a speedy recovery. The Hospital says it was minor procedure but no procedure is minor if you have to have general anesthetic especially at 81. Hoping that you come out top of the game Joan Fashion Police without you will not be the same.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Robin Williams - Mrs Doubt fire Remember? Dies Of Suicide At 63!

Robin Williams the Oscar winning actor is dead of an apparent suicide! He died at 63 having battled depression for years. Emergency hospital rescue were called in at 11.56 am  California time where he was found unconscious and pronounced dead at the scene. Authorities are investigating the death while an autopsy is yet to be performed but initial findings point to death by suicide according to the Sheriff Keith Boyle. Williams wife, Susan said:
This morning I lost my husband and my best friend while the world lost one of its most beloved artist and human beings, I am utterly heartbroken. On behalf of Robin's family, we are asking for privacy during our time of profound grief. As he is remembered it is our hope the focus will not be on Robin's death but on the countless moments of joy and laughter he gave to millions
Robin struggled with alcohol abuse and  cocaine use but quit Cold turkey after John Belushi's fatal overdose in 1982. I remember him as Mrs Doubtfire. He also acted several other movies like The Fisher King, Night at the Museum, Secret of the Tomb and Good will hunting among others. May his beautiful soul rest in peace amen. He is survived by his wife Susan and three adult children from two earlier marriages, 25 year old daughter  Zelda , Sons Zachary 31 and Cody 22. His final Instagram post was to his daughter where he wrote " A happy birthday to Ms Zelda Rae Williams! A quarter of a century old today but always my baby girl happy birthday @Zeldawilliams Love you"

Friday, 8 August 2014

18 + Gruesome Video showing Nigerian Soldiers Cutting Off The Necks Of Boko Haram Suspects

This gruesome video gathered by Amnesty International provide fresh  evidence of war crimes perpetrated by Nigerian soldiers in response to Boko Haram attack. This video is currently showing the men called forth one by one and asked to lie on the ground, their necks cut off and their bodies dumped in mass graves. No screaming, no noise, just subservience. We understand this video is just a tip of what is really going on there. Is this what it has turned to? Taking laws into our hands? Who says these are truly Boko Haram members?
Video courtesy Aljazeera

Friday, 27 June 2014

Circumcision Costs Man His Penis Two Weeks Before Wedding!!

Convinced that all he needed to prevent him from catching a sexually transmitted disease just two weeks before his wedding was to be circumcised, Xiao opted to have it done. 
Four Months after 21 year old, Xiao He in China checked out of the Hospital, he is suing the Boadi Bohai Hospital in Tianji where circumcision left him without a penis!
The story is that he was not informed of the risks or side effects involved. Over the first week following circumcision he found his penis gradually changing in colour from the bright (painful) red of a fresh amputation site to a very dark deep colour. He checked himself into Shanghai Jiaotong university Hospital and soon underwent another surgery on his penis. The physician performed repeated surgery completed a penis debridement and local flap Angioplasty of the Urethra to try and save his penis but the damage was to severe and his entire penis was removed! This is a warning to all parents, make sure you do a lot of research if you are pregnant with a boy child so that you are armed with knowledge before he is cut. How can a man survive happily without a penis? I am astounded at this info. Please do not joke with it. In my former street in Surulere I knew a woman who used to pay some aboki malaams N200 to circumcise her sons. The malaams used to walk around streets for new mothers to see them and invite them to perform the butchery just because it was cheaper. Big risks I call it. How much do Hospitals even charge for this?
For more info please check out

Thursday, 26 June 2014

The Best Human Hair Chiviva Mid-Year Summer Sales Is On...

Ladies, if you are a lover of the fine things of life and you don't like anything fake then you will quickly rush to grab one of these Chiviva human hair extensions for yourself. They are doing a mid-year summer sales starting from the 5th of July to the 2nd of August in 8 different locations: Victoria Island, Festac, Ikeja, Akwa Ibom, Abujam Calabar, Owerri and Enugu. You do not want to miss out on this. So keep the dates in your calenders. Add them on BBM and call the numbers listed hehehehe you can thank me later when the compliments start pouring in. Click to see more photos of these wonder hair...and yes the very first model here is my sister lol

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Hank Baskett Thrown Out Of Home For Fondling The Penis Of Transsexual Model...

Hank Baskett has been kicked out of the home he shared with former play girl Kendra Wilkinson. The news is not that he cheated but that he cheated with a transsexual! This phenomenon kinda beats my imagination. I understand that a transgender is one who changes his/her genitalia to the opposite sex right? So a woman may get a penis and a male may get a vagina. If like the one Hank fondled with, you change some parts like the breasts, face, shape, Adam's apple but leave your penis what sex does that make you a shemale or what? He/she has the face and body of a woman but still has a penis? (shakes head) what is that? I am just amazed! Does anyone understand this? Please explain it. Continue to See photos of the man/woman he had the affair with...

Rihanna Slammed For Carrying Her Niece While putting On This Outfit!

Rihanna was slammed by fans especially mothers when she posted this pix on Instagram. Trust bad girl Riri she does not give a hoot. I say nae to this what do you say?

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The Official Photos from Amaka Igwe's Burial Are Out

Husband and children click to see more

Kefee's Remains Arrives In Nigeria

The remains of Nigerian singer Kefee has arrived ahead of burial plans. TheNetng reports that her body which arrived on Tuesday at the Murtala Mohammed International airport at about 4pm via Delta Airlines, was received by her family members. A celebration and memorial service will hold in Los Angeles as can be seen in the poster above.
Kefee died on Friday 13th June,2014 after being in a coma for 15 days. May her soul rest in perfect peace amen.

Breaking News: Nigerian Government Drops N100 billion Stolen Funds Charges Against Abacha

 Nigerian government has asked the United States to return $500 million recently frozen by the United States government as part of the funds stolen by the late dictator.
Premium Times is reporting that yet again on Wednesday the Federal government of Nigeria withdrew all corruption charges filed against the late dictator Sani Abacha and his son Mohammed Abacha who helped his father launder the money. The government had accused Mohammed of receiving stolen property worth $100.38 billion. The money believed to have been stolen by Abacha when he was the Nigerian head from 1993-1998. Several billions stolen by the late head of state and kept in foreign countries have been recovered by the government. The question now is that after recovering such monies where are they kept? Your guess is as good as mine...

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Blog Visitor Please What will Happen If Flavour Nabania Ever Wears A Shirt?

I know Flavour has a body to die for but I keep seeing him shirtless in most photos. So I ask what will happen if Flavour ever wears a shirt, do you know? I'm aghast!

Monday, 16 June 2014

You Will Not Believe What This Man Did To His Head Because of Football

You will not believe what this English man Kai Ward did to prove he is a fan of England at the World cup. Click here and continue to see

Dad Slits Throat Of Wife and Two Sons Before Going To Watch Italy vs England Match

 A football fan and a computer analyst Carlo Lissi is alleged to have  slit his wife and children's throat before setting out to watch England vs Italy world cup match. The bodies of the mother of two Cristina Omes and the couples 5 year old son Guilla and Gabriel 20 Months were found in their home in Visconti near Milan. Not only were their throats slit they also had stab wounds. After hours of questioning Lissi confessed to the crime but said he did it because he is in love with another woman. He said after the murders he threw the weapon down a man hole and then went to watch the Match around 11.30pm. He returned home at 2am and called the Police to say he found the safe open and a small amount of money missing. Investigators focused on the motive because of the baby's murder.
Source: MirrorUK

Mercy Johnson Heavily Pregnant!

Mercy Johnson is pregnant again with her second child. So all dem haters who said she stole somebody's husband make una bone o the babe is moving on and getting along with her hubby. She is right now in London with her daughter Purity .

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Nigerian Singer Kefee In A Coma!

News reaching us right now says that Nigerian singer Kefee is in a coma. Last week the 'Branama' crooner was in a critical state when she collapsed mid air on a flight to Chicago. The pilot had to make an emergency landing for her to get medical attention. Today her husband Teddy Don Momoh has sent out a Tweet asking all to pray. So you know how we do it. Just stop whatever you are doing now and offer a word of prayer. The Lord will answer amen? See the Tweet her husband sent out below:

Nikki Minaj and Rihanna Bare Their breasts For The World. Enjoy The View!

Nikki Minaj lifted her top to reveal her boobs to fans in New Jersey during the Summer jam Hip Hop and R & B festival. She protected her boobs with only silver star pasties. Things got more heated when she jumped into the Drakes arms wrapping her legs around his hips. Rihanna also left nothing to the imagination when she was honoured with the fashion icon award. She made sure all eyes were on her as she walked on stage in this dress made by Adam Selman which comprised of a total of 216,000 Swarovski crystals. She left her boobs bare but only wore a skin coloured thong which I think she should have ignored completely. What is it with stars exposing their butts and breasts for the world to see? I think its because men would do anything to see even a pair of underwear. You don't believe me? Continue to see a man who ran onto the red carpet at the Cannes Film festival and dove beneath America Ferrera's dress just to catch a glimpse of the goodies. He was dragged off by security men who promptly  handed him to the Police.
Source: Daily Mail

How Can Love Do This To Anybody?

A Tennessee woman has posted this graphic photos on facebook to spread awareness about domestic violence. This 37 year old woman Angela Brower said that she broke up with her boyfriend of six Months after he repeatedly abused her both verbally and physically. He visited her on the 18th May, 2014 to pick up his belongings and ended up attacking her and punching her in the face until she lost consciousness only to wake up and find him still beating up on her, she had to beg for her life using her kids as leverage for him to spare her life.The orbital bone around her eye was shattered and her nose was broken on both sides. How does someone who professes to love you change to become a beast in the course of a relationship? I have been in this kind of relationship before and I can tell you its horror on earth. Need to learn me some karate no more shit!

Monday, 2 June 2014

Keshi Releases List Of The 23 Players For The World Cup

 Coach Stephen Keshi has released the Super Eagles 23 man squad for the World Cup starting a few weeks from now:
Osaze Odemwingie, Musa Ahmed, Shola Ameobi, Emmanuel Emenike, Victor Moses, Babatunde Michael and Uche Nwofor.

John Mikel Obi, Ogenyi Onazi, Ramon Azeez, Michael Uchebo and Reuben Gabriel.

Joseph Yobo, Juwon Oshaniwa, Godfrey Oboabona, Echiejile Elderson, Azubuike Egwuekwe, Kenneth Omeruo and Efe Ambrose

Vincent Enyeama, Austin Ejide and  Chigozie Agbim

I am so excited! I love the inclusion of Osaze and that means Keshi is more interested in seeing the team win than to habour grudges. I expected Vicent Enyeama to be in the final list for the goalkeepers but I am more delighted and looking forward to seeing Austin and Chigozie in their element. What do you think about the selection, hit or miss? Whats your opinion about the new Jersey, some say it looks Abaish!

Boko Haram Attacks Church Killing 12 Villagers Fight Back Killing 6

100 members of the Boko Haram sect attacked a church yesterday 1st June, 2014 at about 9.30pm killing 12 worshippers in Gwoza LGA of Borno State. A senior security official confirmed to Sahara Reporters that the men stormed the church and opened fire on the members. The interesting development is that the villagers immediately rallied round and engaged the sect in a battle killing 6 of their men in return. This is a fantastic development, though I sense that there will be a reprisal attack. Everyone should become security conscious and fight these animals back. Nigeria shall conquer! I need a gun!

"Chibok Girls Are Very Ill" Says The Negotiator

An Australian cleric hired by Goodluck Jonathan to negotiate the freedom of the Chibok girls has ruled out the possibility of a rescue because he says the girls are scattered in several groups in different camps across the Nigerian border in Chad, Niger and Cameroun. He explained to PUNCH that rescuing one group could endanger those in another group.
According to Stephen Davis some of the girls are really ill and need medical attention. He says:
"One of that small group of girls is ill and we had hoped we might convince the Commander of the group holding her that she should be released so that she can get medical treatment. There are other girls who are not well and we have come close to having them released but their captors fear a trap in which they will be captured in the handover process. One girl has what I assume is a broken wrist as they demonstrate to me how she holds her hands. I have been told that others are sick and in need of medical attention. But I am encouraged by the progress everyday there is a possibility of the release of the girls. This is painful for the parents and the nation. The well-being of the girls is constantly on our minds and we want to see their release as soon as possible."