Thursday, 21 April 2016

Boy Gets Hand Cut off Trying To Steal Through A Window Net He Tore

Last night in Sapele a young boy cut the net off a window and put his hands inside foraging to steal. The owner of the house without a word went inside, grabbed a machete and chopped off the hand from the wrist!The thief then ran away leaving his palm in the house. He was later found and rushed to the hospital.

I was very happy when I read this and I hope it serves as a deterrent to all the annoying petty thieves who tear mosquito nets all the time carting away phones, handbags (with International passports and  important valued items), gold and  laptops that have documents you can never replace etc. Karma caught up with this boy and don't nobody tell me he was hungry. He could have begged for food instead of breaking through the window to steal!

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Florence Ayoola-Egbeyemi said...

Good for the silly thief! +