Thursday, 21 April 2016

Man Rapes 12 year old Because His Girlfriend Has not Visited in a Month

Nurudeen Owolabi a 30 year old scrap collector has been arrested by the Police following a report by the mother of the girl that he raped her.
The girl's mother had sent her out to buy rice when Nurudeen saw her and dragged her into his room where he proceeded to defile her. He thereafter gave her N200 and threatened to kill her should she divulge the hideous act.The girl's mother noticed her wet clothes and after much persuasion she opened up to her mother who then got him arrested at Bariga Police Station. In the girl's words:

"I went to buy rice and I passed through brother Nurudeen's house.He called me and dragged me into his room. He removed my gown and my pants and raped me. He begged me not o tell anybody. I did not tell my mother because I was afraid she would beat me."

When questioned Nurudeen said:
"I had a girlfriend on my street who is about 21 years old and any time she came to my apartment I would sleep with her and give her N500. But for about a month now she didn't come. I saw her (the victim) passing by that Thursday and I asked her to come in. I had sex with her I then gave her N200. It wasn't my fault the devil made me do it".

I don't think we should be reporting these cases. Just castrate the fool and send him on his merry way! That is just!

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