Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Mide Martins Marriage Crashes as "Doggie" Fails to Save it

So you may have heard that Yoruba actress, Mide Martins marriage has crashed and that her husband moved out of their home into another flat abandoning her and his children. The gist according to a a source is that Mide traveled with a family friend  on a business trip to South Africa and allegedly had sex with him betraying her husband and their vows. Rumor has it the Afeez Owoh could no longer  with the many affairs and had to leave home.

He is unfazed by her plea on social media and completely ignored her when she feigned a heart attack a few days ago.

The rumor of the failed marriage began when she failed to send her husband a birthday message on Instagram. fans started asking if she was ashamed of him, hated him or was embarrassed by his tribal marks. (side eye) She later granted an interview to address the issues and mentioned the cracks.

I remember once reading an interview where she mentioned how she spices things up in the bedroom. In her words:

"Lets face reality and let us not deceive ourselves. If you have a man and you are not able to do these sex styles you would lose him to all these girls out there who are ready to drive him mad with sex styles that come out every day" (Really? There are new ones? Daily?)

"Me I do the doggie style, spice it up, everything. I do all the styles please" ( looks like doggie could not help a sister)

Clear case of men will always be men no matter what.

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