Thursday, 11 September 2014

Oscar Pistorius Not Guilty Of Premeditated Murder!!!

In a stunning development Oscar Pistorius has been declared not guilty of  murdering Reeva Steenkamp! This development was revealed as Judge Masipa read her summation in front of a packed court house and a world wide television audience. The Judge has yet to hand her decision as that will be delivered later today. She said the prosecution failed to show requisite intention to kill the deceased let alone premeditation.
All along the prosecution pressed for cold blooded murder though the Blade Runner has continually said he thought he was protecting them both. Masipa called Pistorius a very poor witness who was evasive in the face of questioning but says that it does not warrant for a guilty verdict.
Her ruling was based on several factors
1.Phone records support Pistorius timeline of events
2. His testimony did not waiver as to what really took place on the night of Reeva's death

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