Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Bill Cosby's Sordid Double Life Of Affairs!!!

Bill Cosby may not be the family man his sit com have made us all to believe, as a new tell all book by Mark Whitaker is said to reveal. While starting his career as a stand up comic in the 70's Bill is said to surrendered his life to self indulgence as a free man in Las Vegas where he worked and as a family man in the East Coast where his wife lived he was a model husband. He had a relationship with a tall brunette Shawn Berkes who later accused him of being the father of her daughter though it turned out to be untrue. In 1997 Autumn Jackson was arrested for demanding that Bill pay her $24million over claims she was his love child from Shawn. She was jailed for 26 months. When asked Bill denied knowing her mother very well and claimed he helped pay her tuition and other expenses as he would other children he was helping financially. His wife stood by him through all these saying she did not care about what her husband had done more than 23 years ago.
In 2004, 13 women accused Cosby of  drugging and sexually assaulting them in a civil lawsuit that was settled in 2006 under sealed terms!
 Surprised by Bill Cosby's dark side as I am? will keep you posted on new updates.
Culled from: Radar online