Monday, 20 October 2014

Bigamist Caught On FaceBook With 4 Wives, 7 Fiancees and 5 Girlfriends!!!

Champion lover Sonko Tijan
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28 year old Gambian Sonko Tijan (also went with various names like Bojang Tijan and Crang Junior)  has just won the title of bigamist of the year from this blog. Before he was caught he had married 4 wives, 7 fiancees and 5 girlfriends. ( still less than a lot of other Nigerian men, if you ask me) He was finally caught at Vienna airport after 2 of his wives realized they were married to the same man and complained to the Po Po. He seduced women all across the country, using them for room and board and borrowing tens of thousands of Euros off of them whenever he was around which of course he never paid back. He took loans using the jewelry he took from these women and should anyone complain he simply disappears! His exploits came to the fore when he met Sonja Maier who felt she had found true love, at first sight, in a bar! The Gambian agreed a hundred per cent when he said he had fallen in love with her too and the marriage was solemnized a month later.On a certain day one year after, (monkey go market e no return) She was pregnant and browsing through Facebook when she saw someone whose surname was similar to hers and whose husband looked exactly like her husband as well. She at first thought her husband must have a twin or was having an affair. She reached out to the woman and soon a web of intrigue and deceit began to unfold that revealed a network of 15 women from different geographic locations including 3 who were married to him! The women ranged in ages from 22 - 44 and that is not counting the one in his country who has several kids for him too plus many others who were seriously active or used and dumped!  4 children he fathered have been found by the Austrian Police while 2 of his girlfriends are currently pregnant. He regaled the women with tales of war and how he fled from Africa Phew! What a man! I am confused as to what he may have said to them or done to make them feel so special. How did he find the time to juggle? Its a tale found in horror movies! He should be locked up to save other future victims.