Friday, 27 June 2014

Circumcision Costs Man His Penis Two Weeks Before Wedding!!

Convinced that all he needed to prevent him from catching a sexually transmitted disease just two weeks before his wedding was to be circumcised, Xiao opted to have it done. 
Four Months after 21 year old, Xiao He in China checked out of the Hospital, he is suing the Boadi Bohai Hospital in Tianji where circumcision left him without a penis!
The story is that he was not informed of the risks or side effects involved. Over the first week following circumcision he found his penis gradually changing in colour from the bright (painful) red of a fresh amputation site to a very dark deep colour. He checked himself into Shanghai Jiaotong university Hospital and soon underwent another surgery on his penis. The physician performed repeated surgery completed a penis debridement and local flap Angioplasty of the Urethra to try and save his penis but the damage was to severe and his entire penis was removed! This is a warning to all parents, make sure you do a lot of research if you are pregnant with a boy child so that you are armed with knowledge before he is cut. How can a man survive happily without a penis? I am astounded at this info. Please do not joke with it. In my former street in Surulere I knew a woman who used to pay some aboki malaams N200 to circumcise her sons. The malaams used to walk around streets for new mothers to see them and invite them to perform the butchery just because it was cheaper. Big risks I call it. How much do Hospitals even charge for this?
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