Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Eniola and Onibudo
A lthough nine-year-old Eniola Adepitan and 22-year-old Omolara Onibudo, are not relatives, fate has brought them together in their quest for good health.
Adepitan suffers from cancer of the bone, Onibudo has cancer of the lip.
She said, “In May 2010, I discovered that I had a wound on my upper lip then I started bleeding from the affected lip. I sought medical attention at the Epe General Hospital, Epe, Lagos State, before I was referred to the Lagos University Teaching Hospital.
“After undergoing different tests and medical examinations, I was diagnosed with cancer of the lips. Due to the fact that my parents are aged and have since stopped working, my siblings are the ones doing the running around for me. They have spent hundreds of thousands of naira they borrowed from people and unfortunately, there is no hope of getting more money.”
Onibudo, who spoke in hushed voice due to the fact that her upper lip had protruded, said she needed to undergo fresh tests prior to another surgery.

Eniola was taken to the hospital by Dorcas her mother. She said, she took her to the hospital when she came back from school and after carrying out X-rays, the doctor said she neither had fracture nor dislocation on her leg.“When she incessantly complained of pains on her leg we returned to the hospital and further CT-scans and medical examinations revealed that she had lumps and some cancerous growths in the affected right leg.”
Inspite of all the sufferings, pain and lack like those listed in this article, the Government ignores the pains of the average Nigerian for their own gain. Today Jonathan says he needs N161bn having spent N881bn already to pay oustanding and future subsidy claims! God is watching you all...


Anonymous said...

can you imagine the rubbish? I saw it early this morning in the papers. God will punish our leaders o hian!

Anonymous said...

In Nigeria, those that are rich are very rich and those that are poor are very poor. The gap is so wide. Those at the top see those at the bottom as if they are looking at them from a very tall sky scrapper. they can see movement but they have no clue as to what exactly is going on. sometimes they throw some money from their place at the very top thinking they are really making a difference when all the have to do is take the damn elevator or stairs and go down to meet this people because inherently all these people at the bottom really want is to know that someone cares and money is just the product of that action