Saturday, 19 January 2013

19 year old Boy Gang raped by 5 men who lured him with the promise of a Job.

Chidi Okolie
Life has been really unfair to chidi Okolie 19 year old boy from Izzie local Government Area of Ebonyi State, incidently my mother comes from there. Chidi came to Lagos 2 years ago in search of greener pastures, having lost his parents and unable to pay fees he dropped out of school.
In lagos he met a middle aged man who promised him emoloyment, an offer he saw as a way out of his problems. He got the shock of his life when he was gang raped by 4 men on the first day of resumption at work. Hear him when you continue

"I saw Okafor Emmanuel as my messiah when he promised to secure a job for me. I had barely finished selling on Monday when he called me on phone to come to Abule-Ado. I bought a packet of pure water, washed my face and straightened my clothes. I packed the remaining wares into my bag and kept it hoping hoping to finsh selling them the next day.
When i got to the designated place, I met Okafor with 4 other young men. He asked me to accompany them to distribute cigarrettes to his customers in Badagry, informing me that it will be my first assignment. We did that until 11pm and because it was too late he asked me to pass the night with him.
At midnight someone tapped me on the thigh and when i opened my eyes it was Okafor, and Lo and behold he was naked! He bent over and told me he would like to have carnal knowledge of me. I was shocked and concluded he must be drunk.
i lied to him that I wanted to urinate and left the room, on getting to the living room I saw the other 4 men and they were all naked.I concluded the job offer was just a trick to harm me. At that point I decided to run, they overpowered me and tore my shirt to shreds before pinning me to the floor and all four having their way with me. As if that was not enough, they pushed me out of the apartment at midnight and boasted that there was nothing i could do. When I checked my pockets I discovered they had taken the N25,000 I had in my pocket from sales.I could not go back to my uncles place that night so as not to be mistaken for a thief . All I did was collect a shirt I saw on the line outside and wore. I remained there till 6 am when I left.
Since the incident he has been begging for forgiveness, attributing it to the handwork of the devil without bothering to find out if I was hurt.
As I speak i'm still hurting all over but i cannot go to the hospital because I do not have the money to buy drugs. I really do not have the money to start my business all over again, as it is now he has rendered me handicapped."
Chidi did not report the incidence to the Police because he fears he will not get justice and that  the five men may harm him if he does.
This is a serious indictment against our Police force,if citizens do not have confidence to report their problemsbecause they fee they will be short changed. we need a new orientation of a complete over haul of the Nigerian police.

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