Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Don Jazzy Denies having a Son..Who lied?

Punch of 19th January, published an interview it granted to Don Jazzy of Mavin Record where he claimed he was once married and has a son. On Twitter the same day he denied the claim. Did Punch get it wrong or is Don Jazzy lying? I will grab my pop corn and Coke to wait this one out, sounds interesting if you like gossip.

Michael Collins
unless u re the son, this is FALSE RT : "i was once married and have a son"-donjazzy: don jazzy granted an interview recently.... Read the interview from Punch after the cut

Slim ladies don’t attract me – Don Jazzy

Don Jazzy
At the last count by Forbes, Michael Ajereh, aka Don Jazzy, is rated as the 36th Most Influential Personality in Africa. He is young, rich and famous, no doubt, but has remained single for God-knows-how-long after a previous attempt at matrimony collapsed like a pack of cards.
“I’m single because I’ve not found the woman that my spirit agrees with. I was once married in the United Kingdom, but it was short lived. The union produced a son named after me. I don’t want to experience a collapsed marriage again. That is why I am taking my time, working and praying for a soul mate,” he says.
But what does he really find attractive in a woman?
“The way she looks, talks and how she carries herself. With due respect to slim ladies, there is no way any lady shaped like a broom can attract my full attention. I’m sorry but that’s the truth.
“My ideal woman must be God-fearing. She must have all the basic curves in the right places. The rounder and bigger her chest and backside, the better,” he says.

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