Friday, 25 January 2013


Kim K

Kim Kardashian's baby bump is starting to show! Less than a month after Kanye West shared their baby news with the world during a concert in Atlantic City, the 32-year-old E! reality star showed off her pregnancy curves during a dinner date at Lassere Restaurant in Paris, France, Jan. 22.
Kardashian -- wearing a tight black dress, tall boots and a fur coat -- has been visiting the City of Lights for Fashion Week. She hit up the Stephane Rolland show hours before the dinner. I read the story in OMG but what cracks me up about the story is actually the comments posted by those who read it. see it below...

  • DvlinDehDtailsExcuse me while I go chop off the finger that clicked the mouse button to get to this story.
  • Good news, the child wasn't born out of wedlock! Bad news, the husband is not the father.

  • Gabrielle  
    I dont mean to be a basher or judge her.... but didnt they say she was due in July? Which would make her 2 months along? Give or take? I dont think that's a "baby" bump as much as it being her without Spanks on! Opinions?
  • Mouce  
    And all while she's still married to another man...

  • Good counterweight to the humongous caboose.

  • Before long it will match her a-s and you won't be able to which is the front or the back

  • Susan 
    Hope the baby doesn't look like Kanye!!!

  • K  
    I hope I'm wrong, but I just don't see their relationship ending well...

  • Bob 
    Wait! What? How can you tell?

  • Uncle Sam  
    looks more like a FUPA

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