Monday, 21 January 2013

Nike Oshinowo and Dr. Soleye’s Marriage Collapses

Nike Oshinowo and Dr. Soleye’s marriage collapses
Popular Lagos doctor and Duro Soleye Hospital owner Tunde Soleye and former beauty queen Nike Oshinowo has already parted ways after 6 years of marriage.
Dr. Soleye confirmed the issue and added that he and Nike are planning to issue a joint press release about their breakup.
The ex-couple have refused to reveal the reason of their breakup.

According to sources, Nike’s friends blame Dr. Soleye because he was still a womaniser.
On the other hand, Dr. Soleye’s friends blame Nike because of her extravagant lifestyle which was one of the causes of the depletion of the doctor’s resources.They claimed that because of the love he had for Nike he spent all he had on Nike, setting up for her a beauty business and funded her Miss Nigeria project for 2 years before she pulled out. Many believe that their marriage may have contributed to the financial squeeze he is currently experiencing.
In another development, one of the women in Dr. Soleye's life, who lives in England was said to have out of anger sold one of his prime properties in London so as to deprive Nike of staying there. Since the property is said to have been jointly owned, not only did she sell the property, she was said to have splitted the money into four: partly to offset the mortgage on it; give some to his first wife, some to him and kept some to herself.When the news broke 6 years ago that Nike had gotten married to Dr. Soleye, it was shocking to many celebrities. First of all, because he was legally married in Nigeria to his ex-wife Dr. Olufunmilayo Soleye and was romantically linked to another female friend of his who lived in England. To enable Nike enjoy her marriage to him, Soleye divorced his long-time wife Funmi, the mother of his kids.
 Reporters have not yet heard any message from Nike at this moment.

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