Friday, 4 January 2013


The Police in India have formally charged 5 adult suspects with the rape and murder of a 23 year old University student  on board a bus. The victim was raped for one and a half hours before being thrown by the side of the road where she was ignored by passersby and Police debated on jurisdiction issues before helping her. The prosecutors have 30 witnesses ready to testify against the accused persons. A sixth man has also been charged but is being treated as a juvenile is expected to be tried separately, he was the cruellest of all..As a message to the society and against other would be rapist, lawyers in India are refusing to represent the accused persons.

The country has been in a uproar as the prosecutors are pushing for the death penalty. The victim died in a Singapore hospital of massive internal injuries.
According to Reuters videos, the girls father the same day called for the men accused of the vicious crime to be hanged!A hearing in the case is scheduled for Saturday at a new fast-track court inaugurated this week to deal with rape cases in the capital.

In the wake of the rape, several petitioners appealed to the Supreme Court to take an active role in the issue of women's safety.
On Friday, the court dismissed a petition asking it to suspend Indian lawmakers accused of crimes against women, saying it doesn't have jurisdiction, according to the Press Trust of India. The Association for Democratic Reforms, an organization that tracks officials' criminal records, said six state lawmakers are facing rape prosecutions and two national parliamentarians are facing charges of crimes against women that fall short of rape.People arrive at a district court in New Delhi January 3, 2013. The December 16 attack on the physiotherapy student and a male companion provoked furious protests close to the seat of government in New Delhi and has fuelled a nationwide debate about the prevalence of sexual crimes in India, where a rape is reported on average every 20 minutes. REUTERS-Adnan Abidi

Police have said the accused have admitted to torturing and raping the student "to teach her a lesson". She fought back and bit three of them, a police source told Reuters, and the bite marks are part of the evidence against them.
After throwing her from the private bus, the driver tried to run the victim over but she was pulled away by her companion, a senior police official told Reuters.
Police have prepared a dossier of evidence and charges against the accused, which is believed to run to 1,000 pages, including testimony from the woman's friend who survived the hour-long attack and a man who said he was robbed by the same gang prior to the rape.The victim has been cremated.

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