Monday, 4 February 2013

A Cursory View of the N4bn budget of First Lady's Mission Building

Patience Jonathan

In a statement signed by its National Publicity Secretary, Chief Emma Eneukwu, in Abuja, on Sunday, the All Nigeria Peoples Party described the budgetary provision as illegal, corrupt, and unpatriotic. for budgeting N4bn for the construction of First Ladies’ Mission House in Abuja.

They said that the N4bn budget was a demonstration of the Goodluck Jonathan administration’s penchant for profligacy.While declaring the  provision of the budget as unpatriotic, the party called on the members of the Senate to reject the budget provision. Among the bizarre lines embedded in the budget document are:

- N4bn for construction of First Lady’s mission building.

- N5bn for rehabilitation of commercial sex workers.

- N7bn for construction of two city gates.

- N150mn for renovation of  vice-president’s guest houses in Asokoro.

It is appalling to see budgetary allocation as much as N4bn for the office of the First Lady that is not recognised by the Nation’s constitution.

 A cursory view of these budgetary items easily reveals that this PDP-led regime is never in short supply of nauseous financial recklessness and indescribable superfluity of indiscretion. Executive Director of the Civil Society Legislative and Advocacy Centre, Mallam Awual Musa-Rafsanjani; said the allocation was an insult to Nigerian taxpayers.

He explained that it was sad that at a time the administration was making plans to increase the tax burden on residents of the city, it was planning to waste such funds.

So many Nigerians are dying of one illness or hunger. While our leaders are juncketing around the world for medical treatment others are getting their houses and other sundry expenses inflated! I regret the fact that a lot of people came out to vote for this man who is causing us so much pain and i'm thankful that I spent the election day sleeping and enjoying my freedom. May God deal ruthlesslessly with any leader who is not sinsere but a mere puppet. We are watching...

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