Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Goldie's Autopsy Result is Out and Its not What You Think!

An autopsy carried out at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital on Goldie has revealed that she died of hypertension. The autopsy was conducted on February 19th and signed by Dr. O. Oyewole, states that she had a “terminal hypertensive heart disease” which resulted in “intracerebellar haemorrhage “ which lead to her death, she had been bleeding in her brain.A source said that they could not immediately determine if drugs consumption triggered the excessive amount of bleeding that killed her as it was rare for someone her age to die of stroke.The medical source stated that a toxicology test would be required to find out if her death was caused by drugs, a process that would likely take months as conclusive  tests could only be conducted outside Nigeria.
The pop singer died on Valentine day shortly after returning from the US.The cause of death has been a source of speculation and resentment as her fans, and friends objected to suggestions that she might have died due to drug addiction.

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