Friday, 22 February 2013

Hon Makinde, Late 40's, Now Officially Engaged To Banke 23

Hon Rotimi Makinde former actor turned politician who is in his late 40's is now officially engaged to his sweet heart Oyebanke Oyelami 23.The introduction took place yesterday 20 february, 2013 in Osun State. Banke is a final year student of Political Science, Obafemi Awolowo University. Hon Makinde is separated from his ex-wife and mother of his 3 children. Granting an interview he explained the reason for the separation from his wife of 17years thus:
"I was very much in love with Bolaji Abiose. We were together as husband and wife until devil crept in and she gave room to the devil and finally fell for it. It is on record that she voluntarily opted out of our matrimonial home a month before her 2010 birthday and as God would have it, God compensated me with the victory of Governor Rauf Aregbesola on her birthday and again five months later, I became a Legislator and a Member of House of Representatives. My case is settled. Bolaji voluntarily parted ways and packed out of our matrimonial home and I think the Holy Scriptures and our culture also condemn such act. Besides, do you think she could bury her pride in packing back? He or she who never sympathizes or rejoices with you in time of sorrow or joy is a Sadist; Until now, I have refused to speak on the story but it became pertinent to correct negative comments that I opted out of the relationship upon attaining my new status . Well in actual fact it happened before my party got victory in the court which paved way for my easy emergence as a committed member of my party. The sad experiences made me to dread women; my emotional feeling was dead towards daughters of Eve. I have since locked up my heart and warned it to restrict itself to pumping of blood and not to love again but alas! I must confess, I hope to forge ahead".

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