Thursday, 7 February 2013

Rihanna Goes to Bat For Chris in Court

 Chris Brown and Rihanna head to court

 Chris turned up to the LA Courthouse to face allegations that he faked papers logging his community service hours - which he was sentenced to after pleading guilty to viciously assaulting the Diamonds singer back in 2009.
Rihanna sat in the gallery to watch the hearing alongside Chris' mum as the judge informed him and his lawyer Mark Geragos that he needed more time to review the evidence presented to him over the claims. He has now been ordered to attend a meeting with his probation officer within 48 hours - and appear in court again on April 5.
Rihanna linked arms with Chris as they left the court and reportedly smiled at him in an attempt to raise his spirits after the hearing and was seen grinning as he was driven away to a recording studio session with her.
Chris' legal representative then gave his own damning take on what exactly is going on to the media outside of the venue.

"In 30 years of practice I have never had a client who has been tortured by a DA's office like Chris Brown has." His lawyer says.
Chris has found himself on a downward spiral since he was allegedly involved in a six-man brawl with fellow chart-topper Frank Ocean over a recording studio parking bay just over a week ago.
In the aftermath of that event the R&B singer posted a drawing on his Instagram account where he suggested he felt like Jesus on the cross, and was seen looking emotional after a night out with Rihanna last week.
And as these new allegations surfaced yesterday Chris had an online meltdown where he told everyone he was desperate for something to go right for him. He wrote on twitter:
 "I'm wise, I can handle the hate but enough is enough yo... I'm sick of being accused ... I'm Tired y'all just dont understand Ive been going through this s*** since I was 19 years old.. you cant sit here and tell me to calm down, when am I gonna get a positive outcome out of anything I do? I'm tired, do you read me I'm tired !!!!!!"

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