Tuesday, 19 February 2013

"The Kenyan Lover Boy Shall Not Attend Goldie's Burial" Says, Andrew Harvey.

 Goldie's Husband: The Kenyan lover boy (Prezzo) shall not attend Goldie's burial
 Even after admitting that he was aware about Prezzo's crush and 'relationship' with his wife ever since the Big Brother Africa Stargame, and the fact that Prezzo was actually about to propose to Goldie on Valentine's day, Andrew has no hard feelings against the Kenyan king of bling.

On the contrary, he took a very mature and reasonable approach to all these. Andrew said, through an interview with a Nigerian newspaper, that he was aware Prezzo met Goldie in the BBA reality game, liked Goldie and eventually fell in love with here. He understands that Prezzo had no knowledge at all about Goldie being a married woman because, he (Andrew) and Goldie had agreed to keep their marriage a secret. To keep it from the media. So, according to him, Prezzo committed no mistake. "But now he knows, the family and I would prefer he maintains a low profile and allow us to grieve our loss. The BBA game is over now," he said.
However, he maintains that 'the lover boy' (Prezzo) has been asked by Goldie's family as well as his (Andrew's) that he should not attend Goldie's burial in Nigeria since the families are not comfortable with the development.

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