Monday, 18 March 2013

Jonathan Pardons Major Mogaji a homosexual Rapist- Read Court Documents Here

President Goodluck Jonathan enters the second week of his controversial pardon set to contend with a flurry of new issues and criticism from many who are trying to make sense of his reasoning for letting off former army Major, Bello Magaji, convicted and sentenced to five years jail term for sodomy, another name for homosexuality, by a military Court [General Court Martial] in 1996. Click on read more to see 22 pages of court documents and transcripts.

Mr. Magaji, a former military police officer attached to the Lagos Garrison Command, was convicted for serial homosexual intercourse with four students of the Army Cantonment Boys Secondary School in Ojo Cantonment in Lagos. The teenagers were Mohammed, Joseph, Emmanuel, and Isaac.  We are witholding the surnames of the victims since they were teenagers at the time of the incident. Download full judgment here.
The documents spoke of how Mr. Magaji intoxicated the young men, all from poor background, with alcohol, making them dizzy and then forcing them to have homosexual intercourse. He would then offer them token financial inducement to meet family obligations.
One of the teenagers recalled that: “He said I shouldn’t worry that I should go and bath. After my bath he gave me N1500.00k and said I should give Oscar N500.00k for bringing me. Then when I came out I gave Oscar N500.00k and it remained N1000.00k. Out of the N1000.00k Oscar collected N100.00k and it remained N900.00k. From the N900.00k, I bought things paid small small credit I was owing and bought school uniform for myself.”
Source: Premium Times

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