Wednesday, 10 April 2013

15 Year Old Housemaid Raped By Driver

See the wicked face sef!
Olusegun Ajayi, the man pictured here is being accused of rape. He claims he came back home late one night and saw the 15 year old victim sitting outside his home. When he asked her what she was doing there, she told him she had been locked out by her employers who sent her to buy sweets and thereafter refused to open the door for her despite her repeated knocks on the door.

Ajayi said, he then took her to an uncompleted building where labourers had left a mattress. He asked the girl if she could sleep alone and she told him she was afraid to, so he went home to pick a few things and told his mother in law who was home with his 3 children that he would be sleeping out. He then said he made overtures of sex to the girl which she did not rebuff but instead asked for N10,000 and he promised to pay the next day. Unfortunately, during the act the girl started to bleed profusely and he stopped to take care of her and stop the bleeding. He told reporters that he was surprised when he was arrested the next day and beaten by a mob for defiling a minor.
An anonymous source who spoke to Punch, believes the act was not ordinary as the bleeding was really profuse.
“We believe that the victim was not only raped but the suspect must have done something to her because she lost so much blood. Once the medical report is out, we will know the next line of action”.
The suspect however, is blaming the devil and says he is a devout christian who would never touch a minor had he known.
It is however, mind boggling that people will not help when others need their help but capitalize on their weaknesses to hurt them. Did he in anyway try to help the victim by knocking on the gate? Why did he not allow her sleep in his house if he had really wanted to help? There are so many questions that need to be answered.I hope this does not get swept under the carpet as usual Police?

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