Monday, 8 April 2013

Doctors Confirm Coco's Butt Are 100% Real

Coco Austin

IT seems Coco’s buttock muscles are the ones that benefit most from her punishing gym sessions.

Her giant boobs add to the eye-watering squat image, showing Coco fully focused on her exercise routine.
The model bucks popular gym footwear, opting for high heels instead and demonstrating impressive balance.
Despite the jaw-dropping vastness of her backside, rapper Ice-T’s wife has always insisted her booty is natural.
She recently underwent medical testing to dispel rumours she’s undergone buttock implants.
Coco was filmed being examined by Dr Andrew Ordon, who performed the scan on US show The Doctors.
After a thorough investigation, he concluded: “Coco’s buttocks are 100% real.”

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