Thursday, 11 April 2013

Her Breasts Weigh a Whooping 2.5 Stone Each Cossy Move Over

Busty beauty,  Claire Smedley, is terrified her whopping 40MMM melons could turn into lethal weapons.
  Her boyfriend, Mark, nearly died when she smothered him with then during sex.The frightening incident ended her relationship with him and she fears the same thing could happen again.Her humungous hooters, which she claims are Britain’s biggest, have grown even more and now weigh an incredible 2.5 stone each!
"usually he loved being smothered by them but on this occasion, he started flailing around wildly but I assumed it was because he was excited so I kept going, a few minutes later I noticed he had stopped moving. I panicked and was about to call 999, when thankfully he began to come around. He first appeared dazed and confused but then he sat up and coughed, I was so relieved" she says.

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prince paul said...

shei! see weapon of community destruction oh! abeg borrow me ur breast make i fight boko