Monday, 29 April 2013

"I Destroyed Her Finance, Family, Marriage Everything" Says Nollywood Actress Camillla Mbrekpe

Famous Nollywood actress delivered from demonic possession
Camilla Mbrekpe as she appeared on Life TV

Renowned Nollywood actress Camilla Mberekpe was on Sunday, April 28 delivered of an alleged demon that had been tormenting her life and impeding her success.The deliverance which was telecast on Emmanuel TV took place during last Sunday service at the Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) in Nigeria headed by Prophet T.B. Joshua. Like a Nollywood drama unfolding on television screens, the demon that possessed the actress, who is known for her roles as a mother or wicked step-mother, confessed to have been with her since childhood. According to spirit, which laughed hysterically, it “came from the water. She came from the deep ocean” where she operates from. More as you continue
With screams and chants, she said “nothing is working out for many years as she [Camilla] remains there. What does she have to account for? Nothing!”“I did it, she is not going anywhere. She loves God ooo as she prays all the time. Why would she pray, I don’t want her to pray, pray for what?” the demon quizzed as she twisted and turned haphazardly.

In front of a packed church, the spirit noted that Camilla wanted to become a woman of God to go and preach at festivals. Yes but who will give her that power? She cannot, I have made sure she will not do it, she will not preach.”

“Each time she will pray, they will give her blessings the following day she will sleep, she wakes up and the blessing is gone. She will grow hot and cold in her prayer. I do it, I don’t want her to excel, I don’t want her to be anywhere. I am her mother. Her grandmother wanted to take care of her but she refused,” the demon recounted.
Asked what her mission was in the life of the actress, the unknown spirit disclosed that she wanted to “destroy her because she has refused to worship me. She is always praying. She is a very serious prayer warrior but I always make sure she does not get there.”

“That thing [acting] you see she does on air, it’s all fake. I always make sure she does not get there,” the demon stressed and confessed that, “I have destroyed everything for her.”

In spite of her torments, the demon underscored the fact that “she is a very great actress. No one can match her when she is on stage but I have destroyed all that. I don’t want her to go up because she refused to worship me.”

“I destroyed everything; finance, home, family, marriage everything, I destroyed all. She has a gift but I destroyed it,” the spirit confessed.

The demon was then cast out of her after that intriguing expose.

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Ritzy na wa o! Se na only nollywood actors
Dem gather witch full everywhere, mayb Solomon Akiyesi should go there so dat d spirit of marring anytin in skirt way get money go leave am. Winni