Friday, 19 April 2013

Jaywon's Jeep Somersaults 6 Times In Accident

Jaywon's Lincoln Navigator was involved in a serious accident wednesday night. Lanre, Jaywon's friend left the scene of Jaywon's video shoot to an undisclosed location when the accident occured. The car somersaulted 6 times but Lanre escaped unhurt. God was truly with you bro and we join your celebration but I hope you were not under the influence...? just saying smh. See more pics of the car below.



Charity said...

Jaywon's Jeep was a narrow escape from this serious accident. How can a a Jeep somersaults 6 Times and still remain unhurt. For sure Jeeps are powerful vehicles.

merab dickens said...

Looking at the pictures i cant help but wonder how on other it survived that.But then again it goes to prove how hardy this tool is,i guess all jeeps are.