Monday, 22 April 2013

No Word From The Government As 187 people Die In Borno

More than 48 hours after Nigerian soldiers hunting for Boko Haram insurgents allegedly leveled Baga town in Borno State, killing 185 civilians and wounding several others, President Goodluck Jonathan is yet to comment on the tragedy.
The president’s silence is a sharp contrast with the way his United States counterpart, Barack Obama, acts whenever even a single American is killed.
Immediately news of the Boston bombing, which killed three and injured more than 170 reached him last Monday, President Obama spoke up, condoled with the victims and their families, described the incident as an act of terrorism and stressed the determination of the American authorities to bring perpetrators to book.
But there has been no word from the Nigerian government since news of the massacre broke in the local and international press.
 Meanwhile,187 people have died, while another 77 are receiving medical treatment, 2000 houses , 64 motorcycles and 40 cars burnt in the wake of the fight between Soldiers and Boko Haram in Baga, Borno State. The report is that the soldiers are the ones who tourched the houses that has led to the death of mostly the aged and children. People are right now living in the bush and coming out only to look for food. The Governor has as it is usual with our leaders yakked that the perpetrators will be brought to book and what they have done is a 'nasty ocurrence', but beyond that its business as usual. Have you all seen that we do not have leaders yet. You had better gird your loins and prepare for 2015, we must yank these thieves out of Government God willing.

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