Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The Battle Of 2 First ladies Turai and Patience Continues

Patience Jonathan: land battle with Turai Yar'Adua Turai Yar'Adua
Patience on the left and Turai on the Right
Little is known about the fact that 2 first ladies have been battling over a piece of land meant for their various pet projects in Abuja. The 2 ladies are Mrs Musa Ya'Adua and Mrs Patience Jonathan.More on the dispute as you click:

The disputed land, plot no. 1347 Cadastral Zone AOO, Central Business District, Abuja, FCT, was initially allocated to Women and Youth Empowerment Foundation, WAYEF, while Mrs. Yar'adua was First Lady, but the FCT Minister, Mr. Bala Mohammed, revoked the allocation for what he described as "overriding public interest" and reallocated it to Mrs. Jonathan for the building of African First Lady Peace Mission Headquarters on 2nd of November, 2011.
Mrs. Yar'Adua complained that the land allocated to WAYEF on 19 February 2010 was being trespassed upon by Mrs. Jonathan and got a court order dated in 2012 restraining the First Lady from affecting WAYEF title and interest over the land.Turai, on behalf of her organisation, WAYEF, is asking for N1.5 billion as general damages, N100 Million as exemplary damages, N100 Million as aggravated damages in addition to N261 Million already paid for Certificate of Occupancy as well as N454 Million paid for building designs.As part of the moves to get a negotiated settlement, the Federal Capital Territory Administration had offered WAYEF Plot. 1838 Cadastral Zone AOO Abuja measuring 6119.29 square meters as replacement plot. While another plot 1839 was also proposed to be in favour of the African First Lady Mission, measuring 6100.51 square meters.
 The battle of the first ladies continues and I will keep you posted on further development. When you are out of power shit happens as Nigerian's know how to lick arse, its therefore good that Turai is educated while Patience has the backing of Government as reighning miss world eh eh sorry first lady. I laugh yanfu yanfu (runs away)

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