Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Lady With A Beard Who Says She feels Sexier With It.

Bearded lady
German born Mariam, who goes only by her single name, noticed thick hair beginning to grow on her face after she gave birth to her only child in 1985.
She then spent decades meticulously plucking out each hair, before finally deciding it was time to just to let it grow. single Mariam, who now enjoys showing people her facial hair in her very own circus act, says her decision to allow her beard to grow has given her an incredible confidence boost, so much so she now even feels ready to find love again.
 "Yes. I feel also more confident with myself and know myself better then when I was younger... I am happy."
 Men over to you lol, Mariam is single and searching. It will be nice if the man is bearded for bia bia competition. What a man can do, a woman has done better lol.

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