Friday, 3 May 2013

2 Brothers Shot Dead By Unknown Assailants At The Notorious Shitta Area

 Another killing has occurred in the Akerele area of Surulere.Two brothers (pictured above) were shot dead around 8pm last night when Murphy who is the first son came back from the bank where he had gone to use his ATM to pay for drinks at a bar just across his house, as he was celebrating his birthday. A very close friend of the family pinged me last night to report the events as it unfolded. The source said, he got to the scene to see Malik's mother lying across the corpse of her son and weeping when someone ran in to announce that Malik the second son had also been shot dead in the chest. As at the time of the shoot their father was at the Mosque and saw the crowd but little did he know his family was involved. A pregnant lady was in the room with them as at that time and was also shot but later died enroute to the hospital. Her death was a mistake as bystanders claimed they overheard one of the assailant asking why the person who shot her did so. Reports have it that it was a case of mistaken identity as the killers had actually come for their cousin (who has long absconded) but mistook Malik for him because they look alike.Their distraught mother who has one surviving daughter named Latifah who is sojourning abroad, has been taken to an unknown destination as there are reports that she has been incoherent since the incident. Policemen have been parading the area since last night but no arrest has so far been made, but a black Maria Van is parked in the area. It will be recalled that a Dj was killed around the Bank Olemoh vicinity which is around the same area sometime last week. It is important that the security operatives not only man this area but investigate fully to put an end to this stupid and needless waste of our young people. The two boys have since been buried and the notorious, boisterous Shitta area is deserted right now. May their souls rest in perfect peace amen.

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Anonymous said...

The lady dat was shot was not even in d room and d police ve only just realesed their bodies... They re yet to be buried