Friday, 31 May 2013

Deputy Governor Of Cross River State Humiliates Wife By Ordering Her To Kneel Down

Efiok Cobhams
It is reported by CrossRiverWatch that the Deputy Governor Efiok Cobhams startled his house hold recently when he ordered his wife to kneel down and apologise to his Protocol Officer Asikpo Okon. Reports from a reliable source says that Efiok's wife, Glory and his aide have been having a running battle since 2011 and the reason is because the aide was in the habit of arranging babes for her husband.
Asikpo who is a relative of Efiok quickly went to lay the report before the Deputy Governor that his wife was accusing him of being the one who arranged a CRBC girl for him, the DP was very angry and summoned his wife immediately. He then commanded her to kneel down and apologise to Asikpo or kiss the marriage goodbye. The woman felt bitterly humiliated but had no choice than to kneel down and apologise to the aide instead of ending her marriage.

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