Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Incredible Photos From The Wedding That Had 25,000 Guests

The revered future leader of the Belz Rebbe 18 year old Shalom Rokeach got married to 19 year old Hannah Batya Penet in Israel on Tuesday and the wedding was witnessed by a stunning 25,000 guests and lasted for hours ending at the early part of the dawn of Wednesday. The wedding is significant because the groom is seen as a future leader of the Hasidic Jewish sect that began in Polan in 1800's therefore making his entrance into the institute of marriage as the launch of a new era. Below are some of the incredible pictures sourced from Getty images enjoy.

Hannah holds the end of a long sash as her dad, groom and male relatives dance around her
Remember when Rebecca saw Isaac she took her viel and covered her face is re-enacted here Gen25:65

Placing the veil over her face by the groom shows he values her more than her beauty

Hannah being led by female relatives with her face hidden significantly

Ultra Orthodox Jews from around the world at the wedding

Guests in traditional clothing, men and women sitting separately

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