Tuesday, 21 May 2013

My Pardon Was In Order says Alamieyesegha

Alamieyesegha the former Governor of Bayelsa has finally spoken concerning his release. He claims the negotiation for his release started long before the death of  late President Yar'adua. He also says the pardon was negotiated by Yar'adua and Jona was in the know. He questions the fact that if he fulfilled his part of the bargain so why shouldn't the government fulfill theirs? He says
"people who dont know what happened are the ones talking but if I open my mouth, those talking will keep quiet.President jonathan was part of the negotiating team, he was my deputy governor and all that transpired were known to him. I'm already writing my memoirs at the appropriate time, you will know".
He says he would have been a dead man by now and it would have been at the hand of somebody we all know.
I dont know the people who are waiting for his memoirs but I can assure you I am not! If my memory serves me right, is this not the man who is reputed to have stolen funds and disappeared out of the country only to reappear dressed as a woman? Helloooo! (talk to the hand)

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