Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Nurses Use Mobile Phone Torchlights During Child Delivery In Nigeria

Women in rural areas often have their babies with the light of a dim torch light, increasing the chances of maternal and infant deaths, as the rural areas lack electricity to aid the safe delivery of a child and protect the life of the mother. Deborah Ezra, a member of the Nigeria Nurses and Midwives, said on too many occasions she handled deliveries using the torch light of a mobile phone.She listed power supply as one of the various major challenges in her work as a mid wife in various rural areas where she has been posted to serve. With all these in perspective our leaders are still stealing money and refusing to do the right thing for all concerned. Anybody who brings any campaign poster close to my house in 2015 should know that mama kelechi is going to use it to sell boli.

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