Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Woman Sues Husband For Spending More Nights In bed With 2nd Wife

Na oyibo be this o no be dem
A 35 year old woman Maryam Mohammed, has sued her husband Adamu Mohammed in an Abuja Area court for alleged neglect and spending more nights with his second wife. She accused her husband who lives in Sabon-Lugbe of neglect, selfishness while starving her of sex. Maryam said her parents have been taking care of her all this while in her words:
"My Lord, whenever it is my turn for the night, my husband will sneak into the bedroom of my second and spend the night there. He has neglected me, he has become very selfish and no longer gives me money for feeding rather it is my parents who have been sending me food. I am seeking immediate divorce to enable me to marry a man who can take care of me."
The husband in his defense  denied the wife's claim saying that he has been ill for a long time but that he was getting better and is prepared to start taking care of his conjugal duties and that the court should not grant the divorce as he still loves her. The matter was however adjourned to the 3 June, 2013.
My take is that the woman don dey kolobi one aboki for side and she wan make am permanent. The man sef no try! Men eh! Sneaking around when you have two wives be like Nollywood action film lols.

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Anonymous said...

In polygamus marriages, the first wife should always realise that the second wife is usually the love of the man.

Check even Jacob in the Holy Bible.