Sunday, 9 June 2013

Bash Ali manhandled

 Nigeria's boxing legend Bash Ali is seeking to become the oldest boxer at 57 and has been seeking an audience with the Minister of Sports  to aid in hosting the event. He first of all went to the Abuja Stadium where he had a scuffle with the aides of Jonathan, who had gone to inaugurate "Rhythm and Play"  and got his attention. The President thereafter directed him to see the Minister of Sports and na there yawa gas.
See fight! It took 3 men to throw the man out. I humbly ask, what would it take for our leaders to see us when we have needs? I once saw a photogragh of kate Henshaw with Tony Blair having coffee and that is the Prime Minister o!
 Bash Ali sef need a boxer must you speak with your fist? Abeg e too early make I rest first. What do you make of this video? he however said "There is no respect in this country for the people who should be respected. How can I, when all I am trying to do is lift my country's name be assaulted by a bunch of scoundrels (Police) all in the name of protecting their master? I was already a world champion when they were in Primary school, he fumed."

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