Monday, 17 June 2013

BBC TV Host Stuart Hall 82 Jailed 15 Months For Sex Assaults on Girl's As Young As Nine!

For those of you who watch "Its a Knockout" on BBC the name Stuart Hall will not be unfamiliar. What you will find shocking is that this old man of 82 was jailed fifteen months that is one year and three months for sexually assaulting more than twelve girls ranging in ages between nine to seventeen! More as you continue:
Some were the children of friend's while the other's he met while working as Britain's most famous telly personality. His brazen denial increased his victim's sufferings when they finally summoned the courage to speak out. Some women wept openly when the sentence was read and I'm beginning to wonder if it is the norm to just lightly smack the palm of inflential crooks all around the world; tongue in cheek Alamieyeseigha and that other thief who chopped pension money. (I no call any name abeg). Stuart told Police on his second arrest that " I think a lot of people have just made things up just to make sensationalism. I think its completely misinterpreted...they are telling untruths". ( which thief don ever gree say him thief?) 
Parents please watch your children when that lesson teacher comes, because you never can tell what he is doing. Below are some of the things he did. Stuart molested three young girls when they came for elocution lessons. (all join) He asked them to share a bath before the lesson and to put on men's shirt with no underwear then molested them while pretending to work on breathing lessons. (yes o you need to learn to breath while he is the oga at the top).
A thirteen year old described the frenzied mauling she suffered in a bathroom after she was sick at a family party and went to through up ( e molest girl wey dey vomit) . He also invited a ten year old to cuddle up with him in bed asking her to hold him like she holds her teddy (choi). Stuart again kissed a thirteen year old telling her that there are other ways of saying thanks (beeni o in my yoruba voice; by spreading your legs for daddy). 
He later admitted to 14 sex assaults!
BBC has spoken out saying " The BBC is appalled that some of Stuart Hall's crimes took place in connection with his work at the BBC and offers unreserved apology to the people he abused."

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