Monday, 3 June 2013

CBN Governor Sanusi His Married Mistresses and Girlfriends Exposed

 This news is as reported by Premium Times my hand no dey inside.
Twenty minutes to Midnight on 25th February, 2013 and a day before the board of the Central Bank of Nigeria was due to meet, Governor Sanusi Lamido Sanusi developed a craving for romance - he badly needed a kiss.
The Governor married with children grabbed his phone and typed out a message. (Amebo people una want more? Click to continue, juicy details)

"maybe you should come kiss me before the board meeting tomorrow".
 He squeezed out the send message and off it went at about 9am the next day, Mrs Maryam Naro, a married mother of two and an assistant director and surbordinate to the governor at CBN arrived Sanusi's unnamed Abuja hotel seeking to keep the date and help address her boss' craving for a kiss (insiders say board members, including those who live in Abuja are usually lodged in hotels ahead of board meetings) but by the time Mrs Yaro left the hotel to return to her official desk at the CBN the two had struck an agreement to spend the rest of the week together in Lagos. So in the evening of Friday 27th Mrs Yaro flew to Lagos ahead of Sanusi and checked into a hotel, skipping work and wasting tax payers money on Thursday 28 and March 1. To keep faith with Mrs Yaro's date the governor arrived Lagos travelling on a chartered flight on the night of February 28 and checked into Federal Palace Hotel all on tax payers expense. They stayed in the hotel till Sunday night and returned to Abuja.
" ...I had such a wonderful weekend," mrs Yaro confessed to the governor while aboard her Abuja bound flight. "You have revived in me what I thought I had lost long ago. I thought I lost the passion to love again," she claimed.
"Alhamdulillahi. I love you" Mr Sanusi replied.
Insiders say repeated violation of the statutory code of conduct for public office such as hiring his girlfrends and mistresses without complying with public service rules, dating married and unmarried women within the bank and flirting with them during official working hours has become defining characters of Mr Sanusi's governorship of the Central Bank. An official of the Bank spoke about nepotism, arbitrarily hiring of girl friend's and relatives and engaging in extra marital affairs with staff is the bane.
 " This man is the most morally bankrupt governor CBN has ever had," the official who did not want to be named for fear of retribution said. "Forget all the pretences, he is a shameless man of loose character".

Premium Times also learnt that Mrs Yaro was hired without due process. She used to be a staff of National programme on Food Security an agency under the Ministry of Agric, and she came in without any announcement for vacancy as a director. Mr Sanusi however said due process was followed in hiring her because she had worked for 10years at Food Agency she came highly recommended and qualified, he also said he has known her since 1981 as his student and at ABU Zaria. He says her CV can be checked and that she was also interviewed by NIRSAL.
 "as for the personal allegation that is so strange to me but I have a personal policy of not responding to such allegations since in Nigeria anything can be published on any public officer without proof. I have limited myself to what concerns official allegations and leave you to your God and your conscience on whatever else you want to publish. Thank you for telling me though."
Mrs Yaro on being contacted by Premium Times said 
" be careful of what you are saying, I have nothing to comment to you on anything. Whatever it is I dont know will you just let me be?"
Investigations however reveal that the two dated for 6 months before she was hired.They said he constantly pestered the human resources department to bring Mrs Yaro's application for him for approval and he did not waste time to approve it once it got to his table.
Mrs Yaro married her husband Ahmed or Shuaib according to another source 6 years after her first husband Wasiu Yaro Bodinga died in the ill fated ADC plane crash of 2006 (na wa o she don marry twice and we still dey find abeg wetin you dey use hajia?)
The romance between Mrs Yaro and Sanusi became hotter after she started working at CBN with the 2 of them exchanging sms and phone calls during office hours and she even worked late most nights. She even used to raise tantrums over his other girlfriends like Rose and Sutura. On March 15 the duo came to Lagos again for another tryst. While Mrs Yaro checked into Radisson blu, Sanusi flew in from Kano, stopped briefly at his Ikoyi home and then unto the hotel where Mrs Yaro was already dressed in her lingerie in room 23 where they spent 2 nights together. On March 17 she fired him an sms 
"Love, just landed in Abuja. Thank you for a wonderful weekend" he inturn replied " Alhamdulillah. I had a wonderful weekend too. I am able to get the 3:15 on Arik Air. Love you."
On valentine day when she could not get him on the phone after franctically trying to track him down she wrote 
"I'm thinking that one shuwa girl has snatched you away from me, I dont trust them (Maiduguri girls) with you."
Multiple sources both at CBN and first Bank where Sanusi worked have spoken about how he cannot resist anything in skirts.Mr Sanusi 51 is a smart economist and award winning banker with a background in risk Management. I guess this risk did not pay off, it is really sad if true. I wait for part 2.

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