Monday, 3 June 2013

Cossy Orjiakor Bares All

Cossy Orjiakor had an interview with Punch, below is an excerpt for your pleasure:
You once said you are born again, are you still?
I never said that. I am a sinner and have come short of the glory of God. He that is without sin should cast the first stone. My problem is that I am too real in the midst of lots of fake people. It is by the special grace of God that people even Pastors will make heaven. What's the difference between I that love to show my cleavage and Pastors that love to show off their flashy cars? The in thing is now private jets. I think I'm better off because with the economic situation, lots of stress and all, some can channel their frustrations and lots of people can get relieved at the sight that makes them forget the terrible situation. But some of these church owners dont know how to give back to the society, you dont need to be a member before you can benefit. Churches can just buy foodstuffs and give to the needy. There are a lot of ills in this society. I dont even want want to mention the corporate thieves that get patted on the back for embezzelling money mearnt for the old and retired citizens. Next time you see such people ask them if they are born again because i'm a sinner. i pray God will give me my heart desires because my flesh is weak.

I read it some place that a friend close to you confirmed it (HIV status)
well I can come up now and say Bill Gates is my grandfather, talk is cheap. I will like whoever that said that I have AIDS to come out publicly and say it I don't bite . I just need who I can show proofs to, not the public. So if you believe that I have AIDS, just quote yourself and not base it on rumours. my friends the few that know me well and come to my place are not cowards. They stand firm and fight for what they believe in, so if whoever said that can't come out then I don't have who to respond to

There was a time a man grabbed your boobs in public and you called him a black monkey, what happened?

Oh! The black monkey knows himself no need to delve into all that

Talking of Blue films US-based Nigerian actress and producer Afro Candy said she would like to feature you in one of her movies
Like I said talk is cheap. i'll like to have a dinner date with Richard Branson, its just wishful thinking. Its when she approaches me then I will know she is serious. I have gone through a lot, now I know better. I can't condemn her, she is Hollywood standard when it comes to showing off her body. The likes of Janet Jackson, Halle Berry even most of their female musicians have gone nude and Nigerians adored them. For me, I can't go totally nude, never. My mum told me never to go nude. If not, I have a beautiful body and i'm not afraid to flaunt it. Besides other artists have taken pictures with panties and bra maybe on the beach so it looks cool but when you wear and pose on bed, it smells sex.

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