Monday, 10 June 2013

Doctor Removes Dead Baby's Ears, Lips, Mouth and private Parts

  Ogun State Police command has arrested one Dr Babawale Joshua who owns Ajike Medical Center  at 11,  Adeyemi Street Sango Ota. Speaking to Vanguard the father of  the 13month old boy Mr. Obinna Oleh, a spare parts dealer at Ladipo Market said his child took ill and was rushed by he and his wife to the hospital on Friday 7th June. He went to the hospital to see the child who was admitted the following day and found him actually getting better. He then left happy with the thought that his son was getting better and may be discharged the evening of the same day. In the afternoon of the same day, his wife called to intimate him  of the fact that the boy had taken a turn for the worst and he rushed home to meet him critically ill. He was informed that the boy's stomach started swelling up after the doctor administered a certain injection to him and was subsequently abandoned till about 8pm when he died.
When they attempted to carry the corpse of the boy away they were informed that they should pay some oustanding bill which they had incurred inspite of the fact that they had paid an initial deposit to off set the bill. They however, left the hospital to inform their families and make arrangement to raise money for the burial and death certificate. The next call they got was from a Nurse at the hospital asking them to come immediately that it looked like the child was killed by spiritual arrow. They got to the hospital only to see the body of the boy without ears, private part, tongue, lips and eyes plucked out. The Police have been informed and the body has been taken away. The hospital is however under lock and key till further notice.


Anonymous said...

RIP sonny, not to worry its unfortunate the doctor forgot ur dad sells parts @ "ladipo"

Anonymous said...

Rita i love ur blog!
I'm proud of u!