Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Kim Kardashian Vows Not To Have Another Child

It is no longer news that Kim Kardashian gave birth to a healthy child, what is news is that she hurt so badly that she has vowed not to have another child. A crying Kim was rushed to the hospital after having severe stomach pain from a stomach infection. She said,
 "it was really a painful flight it hurts so badly, I can hardly walk. I just don't understand it, it just hurts so bad it kills". They all say they will never have more kids but then they go ahead and have 5 more lol. Her mum Kris had like 8 of them right? The truth is that they say all women forget the pain once they have the gain. Now boys you have heard it from a woman who just went through child birth. The next time you see your mum, give her a kiss and tell her you love he because she had the option of yanking you out but chose to keep you through all the pain. Slow news day abi? Make una manage am hehehehe

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Doyinsola Kel said...

Yes oooo I love u Moma, Kim Ndo tell me dis in 10 years.