Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Nelson Mandela More Ill Than Is Being Reported

It was claimed last night that Nelson Mandela 94 is more ill than the news agencies are reporting. South Africa's revered ex President  is clinging to life as his kidneys and liver fail. He had to be rushed to the hospital on Saturday as he battled a liver infection. Pretoria Heart Hospital insists that his condition is very serious but stable. Andrew Mokete who spent years in prison with Mandela as a political prisoner in Robben Island speaking to Sunday Times said " the family must release him so that God may have his way". This is particularly significant because in South Africa their belief system says that  a family has to release somebody so that the person can rest peacefully. His present health condition can be attributed to the early stage tuberculosis he contacted while in prison in 1988. He will be 95 years old next year. Lets all offer a prayer to God asking for speedy recovery and better health for this man who stands for so much to all, both black and white. It is also a time for us to remember his achievements and ask ourselves if we can be this selfless. Looking at the present crop of politicians we have which one can be the Mandela of Nigeria? NONE! We love you Mandiba, get well soon.

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