Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Photo - Deeper Life pastor Under Attack At The Wedding Dress Worn By Son's Wife

 It is no longer news that Deeper Life General Overseer's son got married over the weekend, what is news is that controversy is trailing the outfit worn by the bride to the wedding. Teeming followers of Pastor Kumuyi are upset at what they believe should not have happened as it is un-deeper-life-stic. A close look at the picture posted here will reveal, accesories, makeup, stylist short sleeved fitted dress, eyelashes and even flowers all worn/used by the bride. An angry follower said, he is upset because a lot of the members of the church follow the doctrines of the church which is man made and not that of God. It is a pity he says as religion should embrace freedom. It is the fear that deeper life will metamorphose into a new era that is hanging over the heads of the members right now. We will watch and see what evolves.

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Anonymous said...

"un-deeper-life-stic" has a nice ring to a way of life....many who have been deceived over time will have a better resolution