Thursday, 13 June 2013

School Proprietor Caught In The Bush Having Sex With An 11 Year Old Primary School Pupil

 Residents of  Agric Olope area of  Ado Ekiti have apprehended the proprietor of a private Nursery/ Primary school who was found in a bush allegedly having sex with an 11 year old pupil of his school. Mr Tunde Ibitoye, the accused, picked the girl and another pupil supposedly taking them home when he stopped at a deserted place pretending he wanted to defecate (shit sha in case your oyibo no don). According to an eye witness, a few minutes after he went into the bush, he called on the victim to bring him tissue. The witness said he waited a few minutes and went to see what was happening, only to meet the man half naked and the girl also undressed and in action -  in order words he was fucking the girl when the witness entered the bush. The arguement between the eyewitness and the proprietor in no time raised a crowd of witnesses. The man was beaten up and almost lynched but for the timely intervention of the Police. On interogation the girl confessed that the man has had sex with her four times already. The girl's father said there was a time he noticed blood stains on the girls dress but he chucked it up to early menstruation. The mumu proprietor insists that he did not have sex with the girl but was only assisting her home (well done good "samerica" (sic) like my granny would say). So if the girl said he has had sex with her four times and the witness said he caught them in the very act and the accused said "no be me". My question is na spirit? I don't know why they bother to report things like this, the best thing is to just cut off the dick and save us from a future reoccurence! What is your take?
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