Monday, 10 June 2013

Tank Farm Fire Claims 30 Shops At Trinity Bust Stop Apapa

What would have been a major fire disaster was averted at the Trinity bus stop Apapa Lagos but not until it had claimed 30 shops and millions of Naira worth of property in the densely populated area of Lagos State. The fire was caused by electrical surge at 2pm upstairs in one of the many shops located in the plaza. The building housed tyres, spare parts and other inflammable goods. Its is believed that the surge was caused by the force of the current which was strong after a blackout spanning a period of two weeks. Fire service of course (rolls eyes) arrived two hours after they were alerted and the fire which was initially billowing smoke had blossomed into a raging inferno. It took the combined effort of residents, Julius Berger fire service and Lagos State fire service to put the fire out.
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