Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Graphic Photo - Rapist and Murderer Die By Hanging

These two men are Egyptians and had been condemned to die for rape and murder. Infact these pictures were taken as they were being led to be executed. Saadi 33 lured and raped 18 young children under ten years by luring them unto roof tops while Baili murdered an Asian couple in arson attack. International human rights movement had called for their sentences to be commuted but it was ignored. Right now 46 people are still waiting on death row at the oil rich Gulf state of  Kuwait. see the picture of the excution after the cut. It is graphic so be warned.

The place fine sef, if na naija na drum and dem go carry dirty cloth wey some kirikiri children don take clean yansh throway for ground tie your eye. Then one fake pastor wey dem pick for the crowd, like those ones wey dey pray for bus park go come pray for your head. Only God know where the person dey go as the pastor sef no send, na him pay e dey find. Choi naija.

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