Thursday, 20 June 2013

UFO Sightings Real or Imagined?

Extra Terrestrial being?
The last batch of UFO files from the Ministry of Defence have been destroyed by the US government. The plug was pulled because alongside soaring numbers of UFO sightings the Ministry of Defence was being bombarded by Freedom of Information Rights requests about alien activity. So if you live in the US and see any strange lights in the sky or weird objects hovering overhead don't bother reporting it as it gets shredded. The Ministry is snowed under by reports of sightings of ET aand his likes. Most of the reports by well meaning members of the public turned out to be weather baloons or light aircrafts but among these also were inexplicable experiences of those who truly believed they had had a close encounter with these beings especially the sighting of 1977. So I ask are there really extra terrestrial beings in existence or did human beings just make them up?

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