Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Update On Nelson Mandela President Zuma Cancels Travel Plans

South Africans lit candles outside the hospital where iconic Nelson Mandela lay amidst report that he has been placed/removed from life support. Authourities have described his condition as critical since Sunday. After visiting him in hospital late Wednesday night, President Zuma cancelled his visit to Mozambique where he was supposed to attend a summit on Infrastructure Investment. Police have barricaded the street leading to the hospital's main entrance. Well wishers hung balloons, stuffed animals and messages of support along the wall and crowds hovering nearby sang "Where is Mandela?" "We need you" one sign read. " We love you tata get well soon!" says another. I'm wondering, which leader in Nigeria would make people come out to offer support like this? None that I know of, we will rather pray "Father take him quickly, NOW!" Still thinking...
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