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The Many Feuds In Mandela's Family As Court Orders The Return Of Exhumed Bodies Of His Children

Young Mandela on the left and Mandler on the right(so like grand dad right?)
There is a bitter on going feud between Mandela's family on the one hand and his grandson Mandla Zwelivelile Mandela 39 on the other hand. The dispute comes as Mandela is lying critically ill in the hospital where he has been for a month. The grandson exhumed the remains of three of Mandela's late children; Makaziwe Mandela who died as a baby in 1948, his eldest son Madiba Thembekile who died in a car crash in 1969 and Makgatho Mandela, father of Mandla who died in 2005. The bodies were exhumed from Qunu two years ago and reburied in Mvezo after forensic tests were done to confirm their identities. Details as you continue:
A court has however ordered him to return the bodies to Qunu. The reason for his act is believed to be because he wants to make Mvezo a tourists spot after the death of Mandela who had told his family that he wishes to be buried by his children when he crosses over. The dispute in itself can be seen as being centred on the final burial place for the icon. I ask you my reader should he be buried in Mvezo his birthplace of Qunu where he lived during most of his retirement?

Heritage center created by Mandla, dedicated to Mandela.
 Mandla is facing another dispute by his brother Ndaba to oust him as Chief of Mvezo
 ( appointed in 2007) as he is claiming that Mandla is not qualified, since, he was born out of wedlock. Mandla however says he will stave off the challenge as he accepted the chieftaincy at Mandela's request:
"He asked me to take it on. He reminded me of my first responsibility, service. Mandla's ambition he says, was to be a DJ but when he told Mandela, he replied;'What's a DJ?'  "I said Disc Jockey" and he repiled, "Nonsense! No Mandela will ever become such, you need to go out and look for a career.' In 2002 after I had been out of school for eight years, he insisted I should go back and study. He really wanted to ensure that if there was a next one in mind to take over and look after the Mandela legacy he needed that individual to have strong foundation". 

Mandla is a powerful figure in South Africa as he trades on the name of his grandfather to build a political and business career for himself. He graduated with a political degree from South Africa's Rhodes University though his grades were not top of the class but respectful and serious according to Peter Vale lecturer in the university.

In another development, Mandela's health had declined in the past week and in court documents filed by his family who were considering taking him off life support, his condition has suddenly improved. So disbelieve all the reports saying he is in a vegetative state, he is not! Continue to pray for this great man and I will keep updating you. Leave your comments below.
Culled from CNN and BBC

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