Friday, 12 July 2013

Femi kuti States The Rules For Dating His Daughter LWKMD: Did He Obey Them?

In case you are bold enough to date Femi Kuti's daughter there are some rules that must be obeyed. Now scroll down to see the rules and make sure you obey them or face Femi. Conitinue to see them

1. Get a job
2.Understand I don't like you
3. I'm everywhere
4. You hurt her, I Hurt you
5. Be home 30 minutes early
6. Get a Lawyer
7.If you lie to me I will find out
8.She is my Princess not your conquest
9.I don't mind going back to jail
10. Whatever you do to her I will do to you
But wait o ... which of these rules did he obey when he separated from Funke and has put many, many women belle? think I'm lying? See some of his children below; I can see some beautiful girls there hehehehee Femi go buy gun, you are in trouble!

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